RC Lander Gear Door Control Box

RC Lander Gear Door Control Box
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  • Item #: RCLLEGDC-1
  • Manufacturer: RC Lander
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RCLLEGDC-1
  • Condition: New
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The RC Lander gear door control box helps add scale realism by making the gear doors operate seperately from the retracts.  Designed to work with the RC Lander Gear Door Sequencer. It can operate in two modes.  Mode one is where the gear doors are open while gear are down and once the gear come up, the doors close.  Mode two is where the gear doors are closed while the gear are down.  Then upon operation of the retracts the doors open, the gear come up, then the doors close again.

Works and designed for the RC Lander Smart Gear Door Sequencer.

Features a slim profile design to take up less space and fit in the tightes of spaces.

Sold as an individual unit.  If your plane has a tricycle gear then a quantity of three needs to be put in the shopping cart.


Length: 2.5 Inches (Does not include push rod)

Width:5/8 Inch

Weight (per unit): 1/2 oz


  • 2x Y Servo extensions to go from gear door control box to the gear door servo.
  • Servo extensions to reach from the sequencer to the control box.


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