Jetapult® Complete System

Jetapult® Complete System
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  • Manufacturer: Fan Jets USA
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JETAPULT1
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The Jetapult® developed by Fan Jets USA is engineered to launch various sizes of EDF jets. It operates by a bungee being tethered to the aircraft and a release point on the Jetapult®. The Jetapult® offers hands free operation. The release mechanism is operated by the flyers foot, keeping the hands on the transmitter for optimum control. ALL PARTS ARE INCLUDED, including the bungee 1 tow hook kit and anchor spikes. No gluing is neccessary. The Jetapult® easily compacts down to a very small size to fit into any size car for transportation.

The Jetapult® can be seen on You Tube!


  • Jet Size: 64 to 70mm EDF Jets (2 to 5lbs/ 2267g)
  • Can be used to launch airplanes like Zagi's and Styker airplanes.
  • Bungee Material: Silicone (This material is more costly compared to surgical tubing but is holds its elasticity and is more durable giving better performance over a longer period of time.)


The Jetapult® operates similar to a glider high start system. Except the jet flies out parallel with the ground and not straight up like a glider. It utilizes the same type of attachment to the fusalage by means of a tow hook on the underside of the fuse. Place a tow hook on the bottom of the fuse half way between the nose of the aircraft and the leading edge of the wing. It is necessary to have this tow hook reinforced with epoxy, a plywood piece to glue the tow hook into and glass cloth to avoid the hook being ripped out of the fuse.




Customer Testimony:

I just wanted to let you know your jetapult is awesome. "I have a foam BD-5J that was a 1 outa 2 on hand launch, with the Jetapult launch is great, step on the release and no more strugling. The price can't be beat either, it wouldn't be worth going out and finding all the parts and cutting them to size." -Tim Crookham

World Famous Jetapult®: Even John Glenn uses our Jetapult!


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