JP Hobby 1 3/4" Aluminum Electric Brake System 4mm Axle

JP Hobby 1 3/4" Aluminum Electric Brake System 4mm Axle
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  • Item #: JPHBRAKE001-45-4
  • Manufacturer: JP Hobby
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JPHBRAKE001-45-4
  • Condition: New
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Jingping Hobby Electromagnetic Brake control system

Jingpin Hobby’s electromagnetic control aircraft brake system is replacing and reshaping the traditional pneumatic and server remote control aircraft braking system. The electric brake system has easy installation and set up.  Adjustment of the brakes power is done through the epa adjustment on the transmitter making it easy to get just the right amount of braking power.

Jingpin Hobby applies high grade aluminum machined brake wheel frame, built with a magnetic coil, high intensity hub with a strong axle and adopting replaceable advanced hollow rubber tires skins.


1: Completely controled by electricity, no more trouble from air brake air leaking.

2:Strong CNC machined wheel frame and inflatable true soft rubber tire.

3.The controller will shut down the brake after 1 minute automatically , The controller will smartly detect it if you the brake stop for 1 minutes, and automatically reset it to its normal function.

Brake Information:

1.Voltage input:7.2V-14.8V can tap directly to an external battery.

2.Signal input: Connect remote control to on/off channel on the receiver to set the reaction.

3.Brake wheel: Connect the power input line to the battery. The set comes with two main wheels and brake controller. Strength of the braking power is controlled by the epa on the transmitter.


1.Diameter:45mm/ 1 3/4 Inch

2.Axle Diameter: 4mm

3.Total Weight: 4 oz/ 113g (2 wheels and control box)

The tires are constructed a very durable rubber compound designed for long life.  This leads to improved traction upon landing and taxiing on the tarmac.

Set come with two main wheels and brake controller.

These are high quality brakes with very tight tolerances with a smoother roll and feel compared to JTM, RC Lander or Tornado brake systems.