EPF Hobbies Mercury 64mm 4700KV-CCW 3-4S Li-Po

EPF Hobbies  Mercury 64mm 4700KV-CCW 3-4S Li-Po
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  • Item #: EPFD64101
  • Manufacturer: EPF Hobby
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: EPFD64101
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This Mercury 64mm Metal EDF unit is a cutting edge of EDF design. All Mercury 64mm Metal EDF parts are manufactured with precision CNC machine tools to maintain strict tolerances while enables a high level of accuracy in the manufacturing process.

This EDF is milled from aircraft grade high tensile Aluminum alloy to improve performance and also to help reduce deformity of the duct during installation. Moreover, the aluminum alloy structure acts as a heat sink for improved heat dissipation. There are 8 fan blades together with the motor are also milled from high tensile aluminum alloy as a single assembly. In addition, the fan-motor assembly has a cooling fan incorporated into it, as well as dynamically balanced at the factory, which means a time saver and less frustration for modeler from not having to spend hours balancing the fan unit and the motor.

This EDF unit has been tested in the wind-tunnel using Computer Aided Evaluation and found to reduce high speed deformation by 90%, as compared to a conventional ABS or plastic fan. The Mercury 64mm Metal EDF incorporates an innovative 3-bearing system to reduce resonance vibration by 90%. This vibration is common to all EDF design, which is caused by both the fan and motor vibration, which causes the blade tips to rub against the shroud of the duct.


  1. Turbo Innercooling System let Motor down to room temperature within 15~20 seconds half throttle.
  2. 60000RPM Hight Speed Dynamitic Motor and Fan balance adjustment 
  3. High Precision CNC Cutting Rotator and Fan.
  4. The 8 fan blade is the first in the world to use high tensile aluminum alloy.
  5. Full Alloy Design
  6. Optimized Air Flow.


  1. Motor: 2430-4700kv High Performance EDF Brushless
  2. EDF Unit: 64mm
  3. Battery: 11.1v ~ 14.8v (3s ~ 4s)
  4. AMP Draw: 76 amp (Max)
  5. Watts: 1140 watts (Max)
  6. Thrust: 1600g (Max) (Estimated)
  7. Motor: 6 pole
  8. ESC: 80A
  9. Unit Weight: 160g

Flight Tip Caution: Motor will overheat and may burnt out at high timing. Make sure to set the ESC timing to LOW or 2 degree setting.



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